Lucky Penny Kennel


About us

I am Margaréta Bodrogi, the proud owner of Lucky Penny Kennel. I live in a small village near by Budapest, with my husband Levente and our sighthounds.

Sighthounds... and the love of these slim but muscular, graceful dogs... it was a work of a moment.It began on a rainy summer day. We went to see a coursing competition, just for the sake of curiosity. My heart was melt when i saw these perfect creatures run as they beat up the mud in the rain…
Our fate has been decided there.

For us loving, teaching, caring and grooming dogs is a natural thing. We know that all dogs can be taught with love and perseverance, and this they care is reciprocated with honest love.

We are proud of our sighthounds and their achievements, but the most important thing for us is that they live a full dog life with us. When we see that they are cheerful, it makes us happy too.

Our goal is to extend their happiness to their future offspring and to get healthy, cheerful puppies out of our kennel.

Margaréta Bodrogi & Levente Pálhegyi